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Koodaravalli Jan 12-1-2020 - When is Koodaravali in 2020? Margazhi Month - Sri Andal - Kudaravalli Date


Koodaravalli is celebrated on 12 January, 2020 (Sunday). Every Year Kudaravalli is celebrated on the 27th day of Margazhi month (Dec-Jan).

Sri Andal in the Thiruppavai 27th verse describes the reward of Paavai Nonbu. Sri Andal and other Gopikas decorate themselves with jewels, costumes, flowers and happily share sweet (made up of rice and ghee) with Lord Narayana. 

On Koodaravalli, many devotees will go to temple, offer Ghee filled Akaravadisal to Lord Govinda and end Marghazhi Month Nonbu (fast). Many will do Annadanam.

Meaning of Koodaravalli:

Sri Andal Nachiar sang a verse of Thirupavai on each day of Marghali month (totally 30 verses) in praise of Lord Narayana.

In the 27th verse, "Koodaarai vellum seer Govinda..." Sri Andal imagines that at the end of Paavai Nonbu, she and other Gopikas are sharing sweet made of rice and ghee with Lord Narayana. Hence the 27th day of Margazhi month is celebrated as Koodaravalli.

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