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Holi 2020 - Rangwali Holi on March 10, 2020 : Dhulandi Holi Date - Holika Dahan on March 9, 2020

Rangwali Holi is celebrated on March 10, 2020 (Tuesday). The festival is also known as Dhulandi Holi, Phagwa, Dhuleti. People will splash colour powder on one another.

The Main Holi (Dhulandi Holi or Rangwali Holi) is celebrated on Phalgun Purnima (Full moon day of Hindu Calendar Month Phalgun). The festival of colours marks the arrival of Spring season (Vasanta Kaala)

On the eve of Holi i.e., on March 9, 2020 (Monday) Holika Dahan is celebrated. The festival is also known as Chhoti Holi. 

On Holika Dahan, bonfires will be lit in the evening to remember the Bhagavad Purana incident where Hiranyakashipu's sister Holika gets burned in Bonfire, while she attempts to kill Prahalada.

In Vrindavan, the festival is celebrated till Rangpanchami. The festival is celebrated to remember Sri Krishna splashing colours on Sri Radha and other Gopikas

In North India, on Rangwali Holi people will apply colour powders on the face of one another. Children will spray coloured powder solution (gulal) at each other

Next Year Holi:
- In 2021, Holika Dahan is on March 28, 2021 (Sunday). Dhulandi (Rangwali) Holi is celebrated on March 29, 2021 (Monday). 

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